The Rent is Due! -Animatic

I personally really enjoyed the process of creating this animatic and having quite a lot of free range in what i could make. I had a strong focus on story and creating a complete narrative- that told a story. When creating this story we postponed coming up with and ending for as long as possible. We thought there were so many very obvious endings but couldn’t think of that one that was unique. The ending of them actually being friends (Spoiler) and in on it together was not our own. Our tutor suggested this when we said we where stuck for an ending, The Orangutan winning and taking the money selfishly is cliche, the Orangutan letting sketchy win so he rent is payed is cliche; bu the ending we chose adds that surprise element and adds to the comedy of it.

For this we got given the plot point – ‘The rent is due’ which naturally became the catalyst of our film, the reason why the events that take place do so because of this need to get rent. We approached this like and old Warner Brothers Cartoon, as if this is just one episode in a series of shenanigans with these two characters. Hopefully we managed to get this look in our animatic.




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