Drawing, Drama & Design Unit Evaluation

Throughout this unit i learned a lot about what makes good animation and what factors come into this. Exercises we were given such as the action drawings showed me the importance of adding motion and life to my images, and how movement can be shown without actually moving anything. This i feel is important as my drawings often end up having quite a basic, blocky, static feeling to them. In the dancing video also, we learned this by the page itself looking like it’s moving with all the drawing and life in each pose. Adding life to character is the job of an animator – and the acting and drama lessons really helped with emphasising this about animation – how animation in itself is acting and is a performance.

In the creation of the animatic i enjoyed the process of initially designing a character and then having to combine that with someone else’s to create a narrative. This challenged me in a creative way in coming up with ideas and matching to all the criteria we were set. The daily comic strips where also a challenge creatively but demanding ideas daily, i found fitting them into my day quite easy it was the creativity of making something interesting and appealing to read, while also being an accurate depiction of my day which i struggled with. The challenge with those strips weren’t to be funny or interesting to read, they just had to tell what you did. I however felt that they needed to be interesting to read as it makes for a more successful comic and i enjoyed that challenge.

To conclude, this unit i found very enjoyable in stretching my opinions on animation, especially when it comes to life drawing- as it went against so much of what i was used to. However i think it is necessary for us to not be too precious with our work and experiment, try to push the boundaries for the sake of improving and becoming better.


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