Semester 1 Evaluation

Originally I was the most apprehensive about the Digital Skills unit on this course, when coming into first year. This was due to me switching courses after my combined foundation in Illustration and Animation, from Illustration to Animation. The Illustration tutors told me not to change as I would struggle with the technical side and wouldn’t understand the programmes- as drawing was my strength.  This made me want to work twice as hard at this unit and i’m so happy that I now can confidently understand all the software we were taught and am pleased with what I created. I found how taking pages of notes each lesson is the most effective way for me to understand what is being taught; I ended up filling an entire notebook in this semester. I worried if I didn’t write it down I might forget it! I found that I enjoyed working in After Effects the most, which is unusual as the animation style is so contrasting to that of hand drawn: my current preferred way of animating. I enjoyed the Lip Sync and feel that is the best piece I created in this semester. I struggled the most with the Gamer Sam due to the focus on the technical rather than the creative. My most dreaded however is working in Maya, as i don’t particularly have any interest in 3D animation, but hopefully I can apply myself to that as I did in this semester.


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