Showreel Ident 2016/2017

For this ident I struggled to come up with an idea that would be do-able in after effects and also showed my passion for illustration and hand drawn animation. I decided to go with an earthy colour palette as this is what I usually use, whether it be what i’m wearing or an animation, so felt it would be befitting.

In this ident I had to use animated masks for the write on effect, to give the illusion of the name writing. This was one of the more challenging aspects as it was my first attempt of animated masks.


The Aztec background was created in Photoshop as one complete background, and then split up into strips and moved in After Effects.

For the the animations on the paper layer I decided to use a separate composition to the background. this was so I could apply effects to the entire composition (such as the page turn effect) and keep thing organised.




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