Time Remapping & Hold Key Frames (Alternative Lip Sync)


When doing lip sync I personally prefer to use ‘Time Remapping’ to time and switch between the mouth shapes. This I feel is a more concise and can happen all in Photoshop, rather than using Premier Pro. (To see this method, see this Previous Blog Post  )

This new method was told to me by Jak Nikolaas , who is well versed in After Effects. He thought there would be a more effective method to doing lip sync than what was taught in class. He came up with a way of setting the mouth shapes to a time scale, and using holds to match the mouth to the time of the animation.

When coincidentally watching ‘Behind The Scenes – How do you do what you do?’ we found that they also animate lip sync in this method.



– Import the composition with all the mouth shapes, (Composition organised in this way)-

-Then enable ‘Time Remapping’ on this composition, This enables the layers to be matched up with frames.


-Then I create key frames by changing the values Shown in the top image, next to
4. Each mouth is assigned a number, and at the time of the mouth change, change he value to create a key frame.

-To keep track of the moth shapes and corresponding numbers, create a guide sheet, seen below;


-Then I change these key frames to ‘Holds’ , this way the mouth stays the same until another key frame is added.


To match this to the audio, import it and have the wave form on display. While holding CTRL;  scrub through the audio and add key frames and mouth shapes.


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