Character Design

‘Big Smile’ ‘Jokey’ ‘Artist’

For this character i imagined quite a stereotypical image of the kind of ‘John Lasseter’, ‘Aaron Blaise’ type character. The middle age, slightly un-kept artist. I started with the concept of him doing a caricature of himself, and fining it hilarious. This emphasises both his character traits.


I found that doing this drawing didn’t help too much in portraying these traits, especially the jokey one. The jokey aspect was shown through the actions rather than the character design itself so below i added this factor in more-


After this I gained may comments about how difficult this character would be to animate- so again, i refined my character whilst considering colour in the design. And i feel it still came across a bit complex;


Turning the character digital – and experimenting with colour.



Final Character design in the animatic. (Minus pocket detail)



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