Life Drawing- 28th November

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Final Life Drawing Session Analysis- 

Due to the lack of time we have with the model, I personally like to focus on the poses and the body of the model rather than adding backgrounds and spending too much time on details. Our tutor likes us to draw inside boxes, and not go over the lines, however I find it more difficult to work in the form of boxes, as i feel limited. This lead me onto finding a new way of working, in which i use boxes in a less restrictive way and a way to frame my work, distinguish poses. You can see in the above slideshow how some of my drawing earlier on in the session aren’t in boxes and then decided to use the box approach in my own way.

In the star of the sessions I found out a lot about my own life drawing style, by having this restriction. We were told to draw in a messy way, and where told to draw backgrounds rather than the model in a lot of cases. This all didn’t appeal to me as i work in the most opposite way to this possible. I enjoy looking at anatomy and focusing on the human form (as life drawing is the only opportunity to do so). I tend to focus on clean line quality and definitive body shapes. I don’t smash up the charcoal and i don’t fit the whole body into a drawing. My goal isn’t to get the entire figure but to more, understand the figure as this is what i have the most difficulty in doing.

This quote really resinates with me in terms of life drawing and i feel illustrates my personal approach to the classes, the way i benefit from tutoring;

Drawn To Life (Walt Stanchfield, 2009) –

” I have incorporated the weekly ‘Handout’ which I think works better than lectures. They allow me to more thoroughly express the salient points that come to mind. Also they do not interfere with the too already brief time we have to draw from the model”

Throughout the life drawing sessions there is a lot of talking and teaching, and i didn’t feel we spent enough time actually focused on the model. I used the time the tutor was talking to add in extra poses of the model. This method suits me best however I know a lot of people who do prefer the more talked based style of learning. However as a visual person, I need to learn through doing rather than being told what I will be doing and being told about artists i’ve already studied in the past. I feel this stuff should be homework material rather than what should be covered in class; Life drawing should be focused on ‘Drawing the Life’ rather than learning about other artist who do so.


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