Unit Summery

Unit Summery


When the brief was given for this unit I felt initially uneasy about the project. As an ignorant, apathetic, childish person- I felt the idea of a project on sustainability and environment rather daunting. However I felt as if I could make this work as my unique approach to the project; embrace my ignorance! Due to my childish approach I decided to create a series of short children’s books that featured a character called George, a polar bear who embraces the effects of global warming while being ignorant to the greater problems surrounding global warming. To determine the narrative I decided to research the issues that affect polar bears in the wild, and narrowed it down to the most recognizable and the ones that would be able to be twisted into a positive.

In creating my final piece I encountered a lot of problems, as making a book series was something I hadn’t done before. The biggest issue I faced was with the writing and story boarding of the books. Due to being an illustrator; therefore usually told what to draw, having to create a story at match images to it was tough. With this I had some help from my boyfriend and fellow classmate who is an animator; so finds storyboarding an narrative an easier task than I do. I created the initial storyboards and words, and he helped in editing them to flow better and read easier. For his project I returned the favor of helping with more complex and detailed paintings which I found easy with my background in fine art and landscape paintings. Even though our class has a bit of tension between the animators and illustrators, I found this project did help me recognize the strengths in each different subject.

In the illustration aspect of the project I found that to, surprisingly, be the easiest part. I purposefully made them simplistic and silly to match the simple and silly theme of the book. What I found the most challenging was all the technical aspects, bookbinding, printing and box making. I didn’t account for the time that it would take to do those types of things in my planning and have learned from that.

In this project I learned a lot about the processes of making books and the technical side rather than the illustrative side. If I were to re-do this project I’d focus more on planning, with materials and how I’m going to turn the idea into an object. as I feel things could look a bit more professional with more thought and better resources. Overall I am happy with my final outcome, I feel it fits the brief and turns global warming into something humours, but gives that ironic angle that ensures it is taken in a way to look at global warming in a less apathetic way and a way that provokes change, although it hasn’t changed my ignorance very much, maybe I’m a lost cause.



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