Mark Making Evaluation

Throughout the Mark Making unit we were given a spectrum of different briefs and tasks that fell under the category of ‘Drawing’. All of these short and long tasks helped me learn a wide variety of skills and taught me which of these methods of drawing is my preferred mediums.

One of my favorite projects was the object drawing. I find the easiest way of working is adding lots of detail and using more ‘fine art’ methods of working. I also found the task of imagining the object in a particular scenario quite fun and imaginative. For my response I heard the binoculars were from a submarine, so I depicted a scenario in which the submarine had dropped them and the antics under the water that went on around that.


One of the biggest aspects of this unit was the life and gesture drawing. This I found equally challenging and beneficial. I have had a little bit of life drawing experience before , so it wasn’t unfamiliar to me; however I feel life drawing is one of the most difficult ways of drawing. Despite this, it is also the way I see the fastest development in my works. I feel it helps find the balance between fast pace drawing through short poses and longer, more refined drawing in the longer. This was also reflected in the gesture drawing as it helped develop faster, sketchier drawings – which I feel is an area I struggle with most.

My least favourite projects I feel were the location drawing. I find it quite stressful working out of my comfort zone (especially in the winter) and the face pace of the world makes people drawing quite a difficult task. With the trip to the museum I found the most difficulty in creating only rough sketches of the location. Due to all the interesting colours and objects I felt a detailed oil painting would have been the only thing to do it justice. This may be due to  all my past landscape work being very detailed and painted, so to stray from this usual way of working was quite challenging but also quite helpful.

I personally feel I this project reflected all the ‘Fundamentals of Drawing’ and was like a crash course in all the basics. Through this I found aspects that I would like to develop on in further years and feel that it also helped to identify which ways of working I find easiest and how I need to get out of certain habits.


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