2016-02-24 17.27.28

For our first assignment, to get to know the others in our class, we were told to draw a full body image of them and surround them with images of their favorite things.  This i found more stressful that i thought i would; due to the pressure of drawing someone in front of them, especially someone you’ve just met. I found that there was a big pressure to draw well so that may mistakes in the technical drawing won’t make the person i’m drawing think that i purposefully drew them in that way.

Even though it was a bit stressful i found that it was quite an effective and interesting way to get to know someone, and i now find the concept of being a street cartoonist quite appealing!

Below shows some more focused portraits which i created with more time that the one above. These all are quite stylistic and don’t have much realism, however i’m slowly improving on getting the balance between stylized and realism.

2016-02-24 17.26.42

raise daroof


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