Life Drawing

One of our ongoing and potentially biggest projects was life drawing. These lessons were very good for developing different and and faster ways of working. Some of the which included blind drawing, rub away drawing, mixed media and collaborative drawing. These lessons helped me care a lot less about the quality of all my work, as a lot of it was fast pace and we produced quite a substantial amount of work. I learned that not everything needs to be refined and presentable, but can just serve it’s purpose of learning and practice.

I particularly enjoyed the working environment of group critiques and gaining ideas and advice from everyone else. I also enjoyed that we used such as variety of mediums and sizes of working. This taught me not only how to draw accurately from life, but how to do so in a large variety of mediums. During life drawing i found the timing the biggest issue. This surprisingly was with the longer poses; i often would end up finishing a 30 minute pose in 15 minutes and overworking the image to fill the time. Gradually over time this did improve however i feel as if i am still trying to get the balance with timing and detail.

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