Editorial Illustration

2016-01-14 12.08.47

Editorial illustration i would personally not class as one of the ‘basics’ of drawing, however i do feel it is quite an important aspect in terms of Illustration. To respond to a very specific brief is a skill an illustrator needs to learn, as i would consider illustration as ‘art in response to  brief’. Below shows the article that i was required to illustrate an accompaniment for;
2016-02-24 12.03.21

I initially planned through thumbnail sketches of ideas that could be developed further. From this i picked my top two ideas and refined them further in my later research. I wanted the image to be very much bicycle themed and capture the theme of the article which is greeting a fellow cyclist.
2016-02-24 12.03.18

I think i did this effectively in my final illustration. I decided to depict the writers Utopian solution, of everyone of all different rides saying hello and not judging based off of bicycle. I decided to go for a quite muted, gender neutral colour pallet for this as i feel the article is quite mature and serious, so i tried to capture that feeling in the illustration.

2016-01-14 12.08.50


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