Ideas, Research & Processes 2 – Evaluation


Throughout this unit we were given a lot of big projects, or smaller projects that i made into big projects. All of these projects had a focus on the process and creation of each product. For me the most difficult projects were the creation of the fish puppet and the making of the interactive storyboard.  Both components i feel i went a bit over the top with, and attempted to create thing that were difficult for the time limit. In the case for the fish, i hadn’t ever made sculptures before and found the process of creating in 3D very hard. I enjoyed the creation process however, and i learned a lot about the importance of planning and learned how to make use of old materials, working to almost 0 budget, as it was all made from things i already owned. I am pleased with the final look of the fish, i think it looks nice, however making it move and it working in a stop motion sense was not so successful. If i were to remake the sculpture again i would put more focus in the pre-planning on the actual movement of the fish rather than the aesthetics.


The same applies to my storyboard. I feel i was too focused on making it look good rather than focusing on how the moving parts work. This project was far the most stressful as i went beyond the brief, quite unnecessarily. Instead of creating a normal story board i thought it would be a good idea to make it move! ‘Interactive Storyboard’ or ‘Animated Storyboard’ were the words i liked to use. Even though this piece was the longest/hardest/most complicated one to create; it is the piece from this unit i like the most. The only improvements i would make to this would be that it is very delicate and the moving parts aren’t 100% sturdy, so i would put more time into that, much like the fish puppet.


Overall for this unit i said that i wanted to put more effort into it, as i felt in the previous one i hadn’t put much of myself into the work. In this unit i can say that i put a lot more effort and myself into the pieces created, especially the two pieces listed above. The two projects that i perhaps did not put as much effort into as i should have were the animated .GIF’s and the under camera animation. The .GIF’s i felt i could have done better since i have spent quite a few years making .GIF’s in my free time, and i instead rushed them as it was an easy project to complete. The under the camera animation did not appeal to me as much as the other animation mediums did, so i did not contribute as much as i would have liked to in these two aspects. In conclusion, i can say, unlike the previous unit, that i have put effort into my work, and i can say that i like the pieces i have produced because of the time i spent working on them, rather than feeling like i haven’t put enough thought into it like my previous unit. Even if the art work is of the same standard, i feel the work in this unit has a greater value.


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