Cut Up Workshop

Marmite Toast – (A Cut Up Poem) 

Rewritten Version;

marmite toast

Original Version;

marmite toastimg

Instead of a focus with drawing and animation, This workshop focused on story telling and the narrative side of art. This sort of workshop i feel is very beneficial to both animators and illustrators, as both have a strong connection with storytelling.

For this particular task we were given the challenge of creating a 200 word story based off of words or sentences from magazines. Above it is obvious that i did not choose to do 200 words, as i felt a short poem would be more apt for my subject matter of Marmite. This was a very difficult challenge for me as there were no articles in the magazine on Marmite, only a small image. This meant i had to go through lots of food magazines trying to find words that may also apply to marmite.  I decided not to use sentences and only piece together words so that i was able to make the story more of my own instead of rearranging another persons’ story.

I am pleased with my outcome of this story as it took more effort than it appears to describe Marmite through food magazines. When reading out our stories in class i did find it amusing that nearly all other stories had a dark, social or political argument which completely juxtaposed my comedic Marmite poem, (If i’m honest i don’t actually love marmite. The poem doesn’t tell my own views, just was written for fun!) and i guess it reflects my own approach to storytelling. I would love to write children’s books; so of course i have no interest in political, social, religious and dark themes to my storytelling. Instead i like to focus on positive and comedic themes which is an approach to narrative work that i would like to stick with, as these political themes are no interest to me.


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