Sequential Imagery


We were required in this task to create either a storyboard, flip book or comic strip based upon the novel, ‘The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared.’ Unlike some of our previous briefs, this one didn’t have much free reign and was very straightforward in the focus of narrative rather than the quality of a final piece. In my work i decided to go completely against this and decided to over the top. I wanted to combine aspects of all three of the listed options, with a focus on the storyboard.


For the narrative i decided to go with the first chapter, because that seems to make sense. I wanted to make my storyboard more interesting and went with the idea of making it animated, or interactive. This was it was like a flip book with the ‘hands on’ approach and like a comic book with the more dynamic composition and it also featuring higher quality images than most storyboards.

This large A1 piece took a lot of planning work to decide the narrative, artwork, character designs & animation, which resulted in me realizing the extent of the work i had to complete. I decided to mount the entire thing on a piece of black card so that it was more of a display piece and more professional looking. Below shows some photos of the creation process of this storyboard;




The creation process for this piece was very difficult to maintain all the aspects i wanted to include and do it so that it was still looking quite high quality. The hardest frame to create was the first frame that features the man ageing to 100. I am still not compeately happy with the way it moves as it isn’t very sturdy and easy to animate. My favourite frame is the 3D man climbing out of the window. Even though it is a static frame i dtill think composition wise it adds a lot to the story board, and is the frame with the most impact.

In creating this storyboard i enjoyed how it put my ability of problem sloving to the test. Every frame had issues and changes i needed to make to ensure the piece was working. The most this skill was exercised was in the frame in which the bag is being passes from the gangster to the Hundred man. This animation i though would be way too complicated to include in the storyboard, however  i found a solution after many attempts to make it work. Even though i did go off the brief and create something a bit overwhelming i do feel like l learned a lot and enjoyed putting all the effort i could into a piece of work, even if it was unnecessarily so.




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