Under Camera Workshop

In our work with under camera animation we were given the theme of ‘music’ and to create a short animation from this prompt.To fulfill this brief we tested out a variety of under camera animation methods such as sand, oil paint and charcoal. From this we found that the sand was most successful, it gave a sense of movement to the animation and wasn’t going to ruin anyone’s clothes (unlike the oil paint) . We planned in our group after to focus on a flowing form of dance such as ballroom or ballet. This lead onto the idea of Cinderella and telling that fairy tale.



To accurately Display this story we ended up using rice and coffee which allows us to have contrast and makes us able to define characters easier have have a variety of textures. Above shows the frame i created which i used to highlight how we were going to create the main character of Cinderella. I felt as if the black would work well as the skin tone and the rice would provide a nice feathered texture to her dress. This initial character design frame ended up part of the animation even though it was only supposed to outline how the character was going to be created.


In the end our animation turned out well and effectively tells the story of Cinderella. I felt the contrast that the coffee medium and the rice medium created worked well to show our figures clearly and added interesting textures to the animation. If i were to improve the animation i would like to spend more time making the frames more understandable, as the rice is quite light and difficult to get definition with at times.



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