Animated .GIF’s

output_MKDQ1E (1)

Practice .GIF –  (Title; Shelf Life) 

“Animated gif. –  A variant of the GIF image format, often used on World-Wide Web pages to provide moving icons and banners. The GIF89a format supports multiple “frames” that give the impression of motion when displayed in sequence, much like a flip book.” -(”

Animated .Gif’s are my favorite form of animation and the form of animation i find the easiest to complete. For this particular brief we were asked to produce two short animated .gif’s that promote one of the listed businesses. Two businesses i decided to focus on were the ‘Commit To Be Fit’ and ‘Travel To London’.

Commit To Be Fit


This animation was entirely based off of the slogan i came up with for the company, which was; ‘Anyone Can Be Fit, If You Commit.’ To emphasis this i wanted to show that literally ANYONE can be fit, so what is the least likely to be fit? My though was a Chicken and a Rabbit. The cutest, smallest of animals. This lead me on to designing the mascots for the brand;



In the end i decided to create the .Gif based around the narrative of a cliche TV fitness advert, with the protagonist being the chicken. If this were to be a series of animations i would have made one very similar with the rabbit which is why they both still appear in the logo at the end of the animation.

I think these .gif’s are successful in being fun and grabbing the audiences attention however i do also feel that the reason why i included a chicken instead of a person into the animation isn’t very clear. Below shows my storyboard and initial character design sketches;


Travel To London


For this animation i decided to do something a bit more mature a detailed. To show a more mature side to animation. I wanted to do something less dynamic than my previous animation, with less moving parts so i decided on moving a scene outside of a window.

The animation process of this was very easy to achieve, i drew a scene of a girl sat at a window, however i left the window transparent so i could animate behind it. Then in a separate document i draw a long landscape which i could move behind the transparent section to simulate the outside moving.

I particularly wanted to focus on the colours and shading in this piece as i wanted it to be visually impressive in the art style rather than in the animation, to juxtapose the cartoon-ish style of my ‘Commit To Be Fit .gif’ I feel as if this .gif was effective in achieving this. I also feel that the animation is a bit too simple and i could have added more movement to add a bit more realism in the motion of the train.



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