Stop Motion Workshop

For this workshop we had an initial brief, which was to create a puppet or character that we could use in a stop motion animation. With this brief we were also given the them or ‘Recycle’ and ‘Reuse’. With this my immediate though was coffee cups. I drink quite a lot of coffee and i always see it as a waste when throwing away the cups so i felt like i wanted to make my sculpture based around that. Below shows some initial concept sketches for a fish made from coffee cups;



With this thought i came to the idea that a fish would be the most effective thing to make out of this medium as 3 coffee cups, if i alternate the positioning of the cups it almost perfectly makes the shape of a fishes body. (Shown above)

Below shows photos of the initial construction process of the fish, using recycled paper and cheap art supplies to form the entire base structure of the  fish;




The head structure of the fish is made entirely from an old envelope and masking tape which was folded to make the facial features. The scales were the easiest part to construct as they are just plain printer paper cut into arch shapes.



When it came to painting the fish i used acrylic paint and glitter glues. The glitter i think was the best choice as it gave the fish a glow and a wet look which made the fish seem more realistic and dewy. Below shows some ‘

In the motion part of this design is where i had the most trouble, in the picture about i planned on using a method in which the fish would move through chopsticks attached underneath which were also a part of a box with moving parts, however due to how heavy the fish was, it didn’t move particularly well and would not work very effectively in a stop motion animation. I ended up deciding that it would be held up by string on the top of the fish and supported by a black glove to aid it’s movement while it was being animated.

The narrative of the animation was determined by what we had once we were put into teams to start the actual recording of the animation. In our group we had a car, a person and a fish. So the only natural narrative would be for the fish and the human to make a baby. Obviously.  I just happened to bring along an unpainted clay fish i had made previously, which conveniently looks like a mixture of fish and human, which resulted in the twisted ending of the animation to occur.




I personally like how the animation turned out in the end. A majority of my artwork follows the pattern of being cute and targeted at children. Much like the fish was intended to be.  So to go out of my comfort zone and create something very adult and pushing my own boundaries i think was very worthwhile and taught me a lot about not limiting myself to what I’ve grown comfortable with.



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