Object drawing – Composition


For this particular brief we were set tasks that challenged the average ‘still life’ style of drawing objects.
The challenge I found the most difficult was surprisingly the warm up exercise of doing line drawings of various objects overlapping to create an almost x-ray style. I found simplifying objects to only lines difficult as I often draw through shade rather than lines so I was often told to stop adding shading.


To contrast, I really enjoyed the next task, which was to use a colored pencil and a xross hatching style of shading to draw out an object. Even though my object was quite difficult and detailed I think that gave me something good to draw and as I was able to make it detailed it worked out really well.


For our final piece we were told to draw that object in ‘use’. I found out that the binoculars were from an old war submarine so I wanted to include thst in the composition. I though since I did more detailed and realistic sketches in the morning I wanted tp go for something fun and that told a story. So I went for submerged binoculars that fell off of the submarine and all the shenanigans that went on around this scene under the sea.


This image I think turned out very well, I wish I had put more effort into the initial sketch so that the drawing quality was better and less ‘cartoon-y’, however im happy with the shading and colouring of the piece and I think the narrative works quite well.


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