Rubber Stamp Printing


Rubber stamp printing has become one of my favourite mediums of print making. Due to it’s similarities with lino printing, which I have quite a bit of experience in, and it’s fun, small scale.


At the start of our workshop we were given a small square rubber to practice apon. This I decided to carve a tree because I felt it was quite easy to gain texture and since it’s such an easily recognisable shape, it would be identifiable at this small scale.


From this I then took to carving a snake pattern which was made our of a series of 4 connecting rubbers. This included a head piece, Body piece, bend piece & tail piece. This was done so I could make the snake bend and be as long or as short or have as many heads as I wanted. This is one of my favourite stamps I made due to its functionality and it effective simplicity.


After this we were briefed a group task. This was to each create a page in a book with the theme of food. For this I suggested that each person should dp a page that reflects a shop that sells food products. Our range included an american diner, a coffee shop, a sweet shop, a sushi restaurant, a bakery and my choice; a butchers. I chose a butchers becaude I felt it would be the most interesting to capture the almost gruesome feeling a butchers has. To capture this most effectively I used quite a bold and tribal approach to carving my stamps. This was so the pieces all stood out and reflected the stark environment of a butchers. To emphasise this further I did the whole seen in a blood red colour. This was the most effective way I felt I could get the atmosphere across.


Overall I feel my page was effective and worked well in the book. My only issue was that due to the use of only one colour a lot of my stamps didn’t show up aswell as I would have liked them to.


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