Roller Printing

For this print making workshop we were taught the basics of printing into foam rollers. This I found much more challenging than the rubber sramp printing since it was a new skill to learn and the material I feel, was more difficult to carve.

For my practice I carved quite a graphic based print saying the word ‘Custard’. This was due to me wanting something that held no meaning and if I were to mess it up I wouldn’t be too disappointed. I also felt that words are quite difficult and fiddly, so if I could master this than I could carve most things.
From this I found out that I would have been better to carve something I had more interest in since I didn’t put much effort into it as I didn’t have much care for it, so turned out worse than I think it should have been. Contrasting with this however, I felt that in the end it worked out better than I thought. This is due to the yellow of being of custard colour and making the word appear how it is, which added a meaning to the wordimage

After the initial practice we were given a team work task to create a landscape of our choosing using only roller Printing. Someone in our group suggested the moon as a good start, this I also supported due to the amount of texture you can get out of the moons surface and also it is quite an easily recognisable place which wouldn’t take too much detail to perfect.
In the end I was on ‘Team Moon’ In which we were responsible for creating the moons surface. I feel this turned out quite well as it was difficult to create fine lines throught the method of carving, however I feel I was able to achieve a moon-like texture with, I feel, a quite difficult medium.



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