Value Drawing


Value drawing is used to learn the fundamentals of tone and shading to correctly add depth to a shape and learn how the light reacts with that object. It also is defined as the spectrum that is between black and white, black being the darkest value and white being the lightest. This task i feel is a big part of the ‘Fundamentals of Drawing’ as it captures the science behind drawing objects and how things should be accurate. I find tasks like these interesting as often the technical side of drawing is missed and stylized things are in trend; which often bend these rules even though the work is usually based upon them.


I found creating solid shading the most difficult, since I have a sketchy and painterly style I find blocks of colour quite difficult to create. The effect of shading seems to be missed with this type of drawing style as the messy aspects ruin the gradual tone, and the effect of light to dark is less defined.


2016-02-24 12.01.24.jpg


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