Marble Project


For this brief we were asked to produce a method which slows the falling process of a marble dropped at 30cm, to 30 seconds.
In this project we were marked on build quality, aesthetics and functionality.


For our project we decided to focus on the visual appeal and structure of the piece rather than if it fulfils the brief. This is due to wanting the most memorable and fun solution to show a creative take to the brief and standing out from the other solutions.


Our solution is entitled ‘Overboard’ due to us going over board with our idea and concept. This title also matches our water theme in making our marble run out of a pool float and making the run look like a water slide. We did this by including signs, a tunnel and a pool at the end of the slide to make it seem more authentic.



When judged our water slide did not work very well as we ran out of time to add shelves that slow the marble down, since we had difficulty getting the marble to roll down with them obstructing. Even though we had difficulty we still ended up in second place due to the impressive design of the water slide and the work that went into it’s visual appeal.



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