Fabric Design #1 – Octopus

This design took the longest to create out of all my digital work due to the mathematics behind making the original tessellate and the composition to work one the pattern is repeated. The individual section without repetition looks like this;

No repetition octopus

The original sketch i worked on was hand drawn so i could cut up and work out how the design will work when repeated and i could draw out how i wanted the composition to look. I wanted the composition to be like two diamonds, one with the octopus in the center and the other is broken up into four pieces in the corners of the original section, below is the first digital composition which shows the technical lines that i used to work out how the image will look and match up once it is repeated;

Sketch digital

For colour scheme i wanted something that would appeal to children and was gender neutral, so a bright blue and green fits this audience. However for printing onto fabrics the colours would be an issue so i also have a version that would be cheaper to print and is less garish than this design, shown below;

blue scale - octopus

My only issue with this design is that the line of repetition is very obvious and i would rather the design was less complex but flowed together a little better. I also feel the original colour design could have a more ‘set scheme’ as there are so many colours the details get a bit lost when viewed from a distance.


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